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Pastor Search Helps

Guiding a church in the search for a new pastor is a grave responsibility. Whether it be a pulpit committee, a group of elders, a deacon board or a church council the trust committed to them must not be underestimated. The search team has a dual obligation. They must find Biblically sound pastoral candidates to present to the church and they must do so in a way that helps preserve the health of the church.

The pastor search is about more than finding a person willing to stand in the pulpit every Sunday. The pastor of the church is a shepherd of God’s flock, an overseer of church affairs, an example of Christian living, a teacher of Biblical truth and a guard over men’s souls. The Biblical qualifications of a pastor must be most important. Care needs to be taken to ensure a pastoral candidate shares the church’s doctrinal commitments and ministry philosophies but, above all else, a prospective pastor must line up with God’s standards.

Even in the best of circumstances the move from one pastor to another will be a time of uncertainty and challenge in the church. By working together with grace, humility, faith and purpose the search committee can bring needed stability during a time of unrest. By leading well you have the opportunity to secure lasting good for your congregation.

Having led multiple churches through this process I have put together the tools on this page to aid other churches looking for a pastor. The links below provide guides for every step of the way, from forming a pulpit committee to installing a new a pastor, that can be tailored to meet the needs of your church. Body Builders Ministry is available to assist you in this process. For further information please contact me.

Pastor Search Plan of Action