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About Us


BodyBuilders ministry is an itinerant ministry dedicated to promoting the health of local churches through short term service in the church. The primary focus BodyBuilders is interim ministry and pulpit supply. We seek to assist churches that are without a pastor by providing interim pastoral care for churches in between pastors and by helping churches searching for a pastor connect with Godly prospects. My desire is to help churches grow in Christ by providing leadership in the absence of a pastor and by assisting the existing pastoral leadership in the work of strengthening the body of Christ.

On this website you can ongoing updates about the ministry, regular publication of content I believe to be profitable to the body of Christ and specific information about the ministries and philosophy of Body Builders Ministry. For further ministry information click on the links below. Thank you for your interest, time and especially your prayers.  If BodyBuilders Ministry can serve your church please email me.

Core Doctrines

Core Principles

The Biblical Foundation of the Evangelist’s Ministry

The Role of the Evangelist

How is Body Builders Supported?